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13 years 1 months ago
Dynamic Capitalization and Visualization Strategy in Collaborative Knowledge Management System for EI Process
Abstract--Knowledge is attributed to human whose problemsolving behavior is subjective and complex. In today's knowledge economy, the need to manage knowledge produced by a co...
Bolanle Oladejo, Victor Odumuyiwa, Amos David
13 years 2 months ago
A Multiple-Aspects Visualization Tool for Exploring Social Networks
Social network analysis (SNA) has been used to study the relationships between actors in social networks, revealing their features and patterns. In most cases, nodes and edges in g...
Jie Gao, Kazuo Misue, Jiro Tanaka
13 years 2 months ago
Coordination by avoidance: bringing things together and keeping them apart across hospital departments
Coordination is central in CSCW systems design, where it is often considered as a process of bringing artifacts and activities together and making them part of a larger system. In...
Naja Holten Møller, Paul Dourish
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13 years 2 months ago
Handling Mobility in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
— In Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSANs), the collaborative operation of sensors enables the distributed sensing of a physical phenomenon, while actors collect and process...
Tommaso Melodia, Dario Pompili, Ian F. Akyildiz
104views more  PRESENCE 2002»
13 years 4 months ago
Integrating 2-D Video Actors into 3-D Augmented-Reality Systems
In this paper, we discuss the integration of 2-D video actors into 3-D augmentedreality (AR) systems. In the context of our research on narrative forms for AR, we have found ourse...
Blair MacIntyre, Marco Lohse, Jay David Bolter, Em...
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13 years 4 months ago
Scheme: A Interpreter for Extended Lambda Calculus
Inspired by ACTORS [7, 17], we have implemented an interpreter for a LISP-like language, SCHEME, based on the lambda calculus [2], but extended for side effects, multiprocessing, a...
Gerald J. Sussman, Guy L. Steele Jr.
114views more  JECR 2000»
13 years 4 months ago
Intelligent Agents Acting as Artificial Employees in an Electronic Market
This paper describes an agent-based electronic market system whose underlying communication and cooperation protocols establish an artificial environment with advanced features. U...
Nikos I. Karacapilidis, Pavlos Moraitis
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13 years 4 months ago
Improving the Readability of Clustered Social Networks using Node Duplication
Exploring communities is an important task in social network analysis. Such communities are currently identified using clustering methods to group actors. This approach often leads...
Nathalie Henry, Anastasia Bezerianos, Jean-Daniel ...
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13 years 4 months ago
Identifying healthcare actors involved in the adoption of information systems
The adoption of information systems in healthcare is no less significant than in any other commercial or caring organisation. The literature on IS adoption in healthcare, makes it...
Vasiliki Mantzana, Marinos Themistocleous, Zahir I...
151views more  COMPLEXITY 2007»
13 years 4 months ago
From complex conflicts to stable cooperation: Cases in environment and security
: Conflict is a dynamic and complex form of human interaction, often emerging from incompatible actions, values and goals, and consuming a considerable amount of resources. Conflic...
Jürgen Scheffran, Bruce Hannon