130views more  TIFS 2010»
12 years 9 months ago
On the Insecurity of Proactive RSA in the URSA Mobile Ad Hoc Network Access Control Protocol
Access control is the fundamental security service in ad hoc groups. It is needed not only to prevent unauthorized entities from joining the group, but also to bootstrap other secu...
Stanislaw Jarecki, Nitesh Saxena
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12 years 9 months ago
A Novel Adaptive Load Balancing Routing Algorithm in Ad hoc Networks
In this paper a novel adaptive load balancing routing algorithm in Ad hoc networks based on a gossiping mechanism is proposed. Unlike previously published algorithms, this algorit...
Zhu Bin, Zeng Xiao-ping, Xiong Xian-sheng, Chen Qi...
162views more  EJWCN 2010»
12 years 9 months ago
OMNeT++-Based Cross-Layer Simulator for Content Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Flexbility and deployment simplicity are among the numerous advantages of wireless links when compared to standard wired communications. However, challenges do remain high for wire...
Raphaël Massin, Catherine Lamy-Bergot, Christ...
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12 years 9 months ago
On Performance Modeling of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
Simulation studies have been the predominant method of evaluating ad hoc routing algorithms. Despite their wide use and merits, simulations are generally time consuming. Furthermo...
Muhammad Saleem, Syed Ali Khayam, Muddassar Farooq
183views more  TCOM 2011»
12 years 9 months ago
Multi-Antenna Communication in Ad Hoc Networks: Achieving MIMO Gains with SIMO Transmission
—The benefit of multi-antenna receivers is investigated in wireless ad hoc networks, and the main finding is that network throughput can be made to scale linearly with the numb...
Nihar Jindal, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Steven Weber
12 years 12 months ago
Phase Transition Diagram for Underlay Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks
Abstract--Characterizing the topology and therefore fundamental limits is a must to establish effective end-to-end cognitive radio networking (CRN). However, there lacks complete u...
Weng-Chon Ao, Shin-Ming Cheng, Kwang-Cheng Chen
12 years 12 months ago
Ad hoc broadcast encryption
Numerous applications in ad hoc networks, peer-to-peer networks, and on-the-fly data sharing call for confidential broadcast without relying on a dealer. To cater for such applica...
Qianhong Wu, Bo Qin, Lei Zhang, Josep Domingo-Ferr...
13 years 8 days ago
Efficient Broadcasting by Selective Forwarding
A major challenge faced in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is locating devices for communication, especially in the case of high node mobility and sparse node density. Present solu...
Doina Bein, Ajoy Kumar Datta, Balaji Ashok Sathyan...
13 years 10 days ago
Toward Completeness in Concept Extraction and Classification
Many algorithms extract terms from text together with some kind of taxonomic classification (is-a) link. However, the general approaches used today, and specifically the methods o...
Eduard H. Hovy, Zornitsa Kozareva, Ellen Riloff
13 years 11 days ago
A Decentralized Approach to Minimum-Energy Broadcasting in Static Ad Hoc Networks
Broadcasting is a commonly used feature in wireless networking, e.g. for file distribution, re-tasking, event notification, or miscellaneous maintenance. Due to the limited resourc...
Christopher Miller, Christian Poellabauer