12 years 10 months ago
A 3-layer coding scheme for biometry template protection based on spectral minutiae
—Spectral Minutiae (SM) representation enables the combination of minutiae-based fingerprint recognition systems with template protection schemes based on fuzzy commitment, but ...
Xiaoying Shao, Haiyun Xu, Raymond N. J. Veldhuis, ...
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13 years 1 months ago
Error rates of the maximum-likelihood detector for arbitrary constellations: convex/concave behavior and applications
Motivated by a recent surge of interest in convex optimization techniques, convexity/concavity properties of error rates of the maximum likelihood detector operating in the AWGN ch...
Sergey Loyka, Victoria Kostina, François Ga...
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13 years 1 months ago
Sparsity Enhanced Decision Feedback Equalization
For single-carrier systems with frequency domain equalization, decision feedback equalization (DFE) performs better than linear equalization and has much lower computational compl...
Jovana Ilic, Thomas Strohmer
13 years 4 months ago
Minimum BER beamforming in the RF domain for OFDM transmissions and linear receivers
In this paper, we study transmission schemes for a novel OFDMbased MIMO system which performs adaptive signal combining in radio-frequency (RF). Specifically, we consider the prob...
Javier Vía, Victor Elvira, Ignacio Santamar...
13 years 4 months ago
Vandermonde-subspace frequency division multiplexing receiver analysis
Abstract--Vandermonde-subspace frequency division multiplexing (VFDM) is a technique for interference cancellation in overlay networks that allows a secondary network to operate si...
Leonardo S. Cardoso, Francisco Rodrigo P. Cavalcan...
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13 years 4 months ago
Exploiting UEP in QAM-based BICM: interleaver and code design
In this paper we formally analyze the interleaver and code design for QAM-based BICM transmissions using the binary reflected Gray code. We develop analytical bounds on the bit e...
Alex Alvarado, Erik Agrell, Leszek Szczecinski, Ar...
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13 years 6 months ago
TCP performance analysis and optimization over DMT based ADSL system
This paper studies the transmission control protocol (TCP) performance over a discrete multi-tone (DMT) based asymmetric digital subscriber loop (ADSL) network. The impact of DMT ...
Xiaoning He, Hao Che
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13 years 6 months ago
Constellation labeling maps for low error floors
A constellation labeling map is the assignment of a bit pattern to each symbol in a signal-set constellation. In a system with bit-interleaved coded-modulation and iterative decod...
Don J. Torrieri, Matthew C. Valenti
102views more  TVLSI 2008»
13 years 6 months ago
A Robust 4-PAM Signaling Scheme for Inter-Chip Links Using Coding in Space
Abstract--Increasing demand for high-speed inter-chip interconnects requires faster links that consume less power. Channel coding can be used to lower the required signal-to-noise ...
Kamran Farzan, David A. Johns
90views more  JCM 2007»
13 years 6 months ago
Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction for Multicarrier Systems Using Dirty Paper Coding
— In this paper, we improve the peak to average power ratio reduction scheme for multicarrier systems proposed by Collings and Clarkson by applying dirty paper coding with peak p...
Pin-Hsun Lin, Shih-Chun Lin, Hsuan-Tien Liu, Hsuan...