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11 years 5 months ago
Discovering causal structures in binary exclusive-or skew acyclic models
Discovering causal relations among observed variables in a given data set is a main topic in studies of statistics and artificial intelligence. Recently, some techniques to disco...
Takanori Inazumi, Takashi Washio, Shohei Shimizu, ...
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12 years 4 months ago
Combining Experiments to Discover Linear Cyclic Models with Latent Variables
We present an algorithm to infer causal relations between a set of measured variables on the basis of experiments on these variables. The algorithm assumes that the causal relatio...
Frederick Eberhardt, Patrik O. Hoyer, Richard Sche...
12 years 7 months ago
A Consistency Model for Identity Information in Distributed Systems
In distributed IT systems, replication of information is commonly used to strengthen the fault tolerance on a technical level or the autonomy of an organization on a business level...
Thorsten Höllrigl, Jochen Dinger, Hannes Hart...
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12 years 9 months ago
Children's causal inferences from indirect evidence: Backwards blocking and Bayesian reasoning in preschoolers
Previous research suggests that children can infer causal relations from patterns of events. However, what appear to be cases of causal inference may simply reduce to children rec...
David M. Sobel, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Alison Gopnik
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12 years 9 months ago
Learning the Structure of Linear Latent Variable Models
We describe anytime search procedures that (1) find disjoint subsets of recorded variables for which the members of each subset are d-separated by a single common unrecorded cause...
Ricardo Silva, Richard Scheines, Clark Glymour, Pe...
12 years 11 months ago
A Causal Time Ontology for Qualitative Reasoning
Aiming at explicit description of temporal meaning of causal relations generated by qualitative reasoning systems, this article proposes a causal time ontology which defines a se...
Yoshinobu Kitamura, Mitsuru Ikeda, Riichiro Mizogu...
12 years 11 months ago
A Logic For Causal Reasoning
We introduce a logical formalism of irreflexivc causal production relations that possesses both a standard monotonic semantics, and a natural nonmonotonic semantics. The formalism...
Alexander Bochman
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12 years 11 months ago
Building a Corpus of Temporal-Causal Structure
While recent corpus annotation efforts cover a wide variety of semantic structures, work on temporal and causal relations is still in its early stages. Annotation efforts have typ...
Steven Bethard, William Corvey, Sara Klingenstein,...
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12 years 11 months ago
Human Judgements on Causation in French Texts
The annotation of causal relations in natural language texts can lead to a low inter-annotator agreement. A French corpus annotated with causal relations would be helpful for the ...
Cécile Grivaz
12 years 11 months ago
Learning Semantic Links from a Corpus of Parallel Temporal and Causal Relations
Finding temporal and causal relations is crucial to understanding the semantic structure of a text. Since existing corpora provide no parallel temporal and causal annotations, we ...
Steven Bethard, James H. Martin