13 years 4 months ago
Want to be Retweeted? Large Scale Analytics on Factors Impacting Retweet in Twitter Network
Retweeting is the key mechanism for information diffusion in Twitter. It emerged as a simple yet powerful way of disseminating information in the Twitter social network. Even thoug...
Bongwon Suh, Lichan Hong, Peter Pirolli, Ed H. Chi
13 years 7 months ago
A New Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
This paper presents and evaluates models created according to a schema that provides a description of the joint distribution of the values of sense tags and contextual features th...
Rebecca F. Bruce, Janyce Wiebe
13 years 7 months ago
Word-Sense Disambiguation Using Decomposable Models
Most probabilistic classi ers used for word-sense disambiguationhave either been based on onlyone contextual feature or have used a model that is simply assumed to characterize th...
Rebecca F. Bruce, Janyce Wiebe
13 years 8 months ago
Detecting Semantic Relations between Named Entities in Text Using Contextual Features
This paper proposes a supervised learning method for detecting a semantic relation between a given pair of named entities, which may be located in different sentences. The method ...
Toru Hirano, Yoshihiro Matsuo, Gen-ichiro Kikui
14 years 8 months ago
Multiscale Conditional Random Fields for Image Labeling
We propose an approach to include contextual features for labeling images, in which each pixel is assigned to one of a finite set of labels. The features are incorporated into a p...
Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán, ...