12 years 2 months ago
Recognising Spontaneous Facial Micro-expressions
Facial micro-expressions are rapid involuntary facial expressions which reveal suppressed affect. To the best knowledge of the authors, there is no previous work that successfully...
Tomas Pfister, Xiaobai Li, Guoying Zhao, Matti Pie...
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12 years 9 months ago
From sentence to emotion: a real-time three-dimensional graphics metaphor of emotions extracted from text
This paper presents a novel concept: a graphical representation of human emotion extracted from text sentences. The major contributions of this paper are the following. First, we p...
Stéphane Gobron, Junghyun Ahn, Georgios Pal...
12 years 9 months ago
Emotion recognition using imperfect speech recognition
This paper investigates the use of speech-to-text methods for assigning an emotion class to a given speech utterance. Previous work shows that an emotion extracted from text can c...
Florian Metze, Anton Batliner, Florian Eyben, Tim ...
12 years 9 months ago
An Exploration of Features for Recognizing Word Emotion
Emotion words have been well used as the most obvious choice as feature in the task of textual emotion recognition and automatic emotion lexicon construction. In this work, we exp...
Changqin Quan, Fuji Ren
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12 years 12 months ago
Modeling the Experience of Emotion
Affective computing has proven to be a viable field of research comprised of a large number of multidisciplinary researchers resulting in work that is widely published. The majori...
Joost Broekens
13 years 11 days ago
Emotion Detection: Application of the Valence Arousal Space for Rapid Biological Usability Testing to Enhance Universal Access
Emotion is an important mental and physiological state, influencing cognition, perception, learning, communication, decision making, etc. It is considered as a definitive important...
Christian Stickel, Martin Ebner, Silke Steinbach-N...
13 years 12 days ago
Construction of a Blog Emotion Corpus for Chinese Emotional Expression Analysis
There is plenty of evidence that emotion analysis has many valuable applications. In this study a blog emotion corpus is constructed for Chinese emotional expression analysis. Thi...
Changqin Quan, Fuji Ren
13 years 13 days ago
The Modulation of Cooperation and Emotion in Dialogue: The REC Corpus
In this paper we describe the Rovereto Emotive Corpus (REC) which we collected to investigate the relationship between emotion and cooperation in dialogue tasks. It is an area whe...
Federica Cavicchio
13 years 13 days ago
Word to Sentence Level Emotion Tagging for Bengali Blogs
In this paper, emotion analysis on blog texts has been carried out for a less privileged language like Bengali. Ekman's six basic emotion types have been selected for reliabl...
Dipankar Das, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
13 years 17 days ago
Emotional talking agent: System and evaluation
In this paper, we introduce a system that synthesizes the emotional audio-visual speech for a 3-D talking agent by adopting the PAD (Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance) emotional model. A ...
Shen Zhang, Jia Jia, Yingjin Xu, Lianhong Cai