12 years 10 months ago
A flexible high-throughput hardware architecture for a gaussian noise generator
In this paper a exible, high-throughput, low-complexity additive white gaussian noise (AWGN) channel generator is presented. The proposed generator employs a Mersenne-Twister to g...
Ioannis Paraskevakos, Vassilis Paliouras
12 years 10 months ago
Speech enhancement using a joint map estimator with Gaussian mixture model for (non-)stationary noise
In many applications non-stationary Gaussian or stationary nonGaussian noises can be observed. In this paper we present a maximum a posteriori estimation jointly of spectral ampli...
Balázs Fodor, Tim Fingscheidt
98views more  TCOM 2010»
13 years 26 days ago
Convolutionally Coded Transmission over Markov-Gaussian Channels: Analysis and Decoding Metrics
It has been widely acknowledged that the aggregate interference at the receiver for various practical communication channels can often deviate markedly from the classical additive ...
Jeebak Mitra, Lutz H.-J. Lampe
78views more  JMIV 2010»
13 years 28 days ago
Unified Computation of Strict Maximum Likelihood for Geometric Fitting
A new numerical scheme is presented for strictly computing maximum likelihood (ML) of geometric fitting problems. Intensively studied in the past are those methods that first tran...
Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuyuki Sugaya
13 years 1 months ago
Suboptimal decentralized control over noisy communication channels
In this paper we present a technique for design of decentralized controllers for mean square stability of a large scale system with cascaded clusters of subsystems. Each subsystem...
Alireza Farhadi, N. U. Ahmed
13 years 3 months ago
Adding Gaussian noise to "denoise" JPEG for detecting image resizing
In this paper, we propose robust methods to detect image resizing. A common problem affecting most resizing detection algorithms is that they are susceptible to JPEG compression a...
Lakshmanan Nataraj, Anindya Sarkar, Bangalore S. M...
74views more  JMIV 2002»
13 years 5 months ago
A Filter To Remove Gaussian Noise by Clustering the Gray Scale
An algorithm to suppress Gaussian noise is presented, based on clustering (grouping) gray levels. The histogram of a window sliding across the image is divided into clusters, and t...
Zakaria Atae-Allah, José-Martínez Ar...
108views more  JSAC 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
A simple baseband transmission scheme for power line channels
We propose a simple pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM)-based coded modulation scheme that overcomes two major constraints of power line channels, viz., severe insertion-loss and impu...
Raju Hormis, Inaki Berenguer, Xiaodong Wang
69views more  IEICET 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
Enlargement for Images with Gaussian Noise by Embedded Filtering in the LP Algorithm
In this paper, we propose an enlargement method for images with Gaussian noise based on the Laplacian pyramid (LP) representation. Unlike lowpass preprocessing approaches to the L...
Shuai Yuan, Akira Taguchi, Masahide Abe, Masayuki ...
149views Algorithms» more  COCO 2010»
13 years 9 months ago
The Gaussian Surface Area and Noise Sensitivity of Degree-d Polynomial Threshold Functions
Abstract. We prove asymptotically optimal bounds on the Gaussian noise sensitivity of degree-d polynomial threshold functions. These bounds translate into optimal bounds on the Gau...
Daniel M. Kane