10 years 8 months ago
Video Synopsis by Heterogeneous Multi-Source Correlation
Generating coherent synopsis for surveillance video stream remains a formidable challenge due to the ambiguity and uncertainty inherent to visual observations. In contrast to exist...
X. Zhu, C. C. Loy, and S. Gong
252views Data Mining» more  SDM 2012»
11 years 9 months ago
Learning from Heterogeneous Sources via Gradient Boosting Consensus
Multiple data sources containing different types of features may be available for a given task. For instance, users’ profiles can be used to build recommendation systems. In a...
Xiaoxiao Shi, Jean-François Paiement, David...
383views Database» more  SIGMOD 2012»
11 years 9 months ago
Dynamic workload driven data integration in tableau
Tableau is a commercial business intelligence (BI) software tool that supports interactive, visual analysis of data. Armed with a visual interface to data and a focus on usability...
Kristi Morton, Ross Bunker, Jock D. Mackinlay, Rob...
12 years 10 months ago
Personalisation in the wild: providing personalisation across semantic, social and open-web resources
One of the key motivating factors for information providers to use personalisation is to maximise the benefit to the user in accessing their content. However, traditionally such s...
Ben Steichen, Alexander O'Connor, Vincent Wade
13 years 4 months ago
A Framework for Fine-grained Data Integration and Curation, with Provenance, in a Dataspace
Some tasks in a dataspace (a loose collection of heterogeneous data sources) require integration of fine-grained data from diverse sources. This work is often done by end users kn...
David W. Archer, Lois M. L. Delcambre, David Maier
13 years 4 months ago
Metadata Services for Distributed Event Stream Processing Agents
Enterprise-level applications are becoming complex with the need for event and stream processing, multiple query processing and data analysis over heterogeneous data sources such ...
Mahesh B. Chaudhari, Suzanne W. Dietrich
13 years 4 months ago
RDF Containers - A Framework for the Integration of Distributed and Heterogeneous Applications
Current trends like globalization and virtual enterprises result in an increasing need for on-the-fly integration of distributed applications grown over the past decades and origin...
Richard Mordinyi, Thomas Moser, Martin Murth, eva ...
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13 years 6 months ago
Story creation from heterogeneous data sources
There are numerous applications where there is a need to rapidly infer a story about a given subject from a given set of potentially heterogeneous data sources. In this paper, we f...
Marat Fayzullin, V. S. Subrahmanian, Massimiliano ...
114views more  DPD 2002»
13 years 6 months ago
Query Decomposition for a Distributed Object-Oriented Mediator System
The mediator-wrapper approach to integrate data from heterogeneous data sources has usually been centralized in the sense that a single mediator system is placed between a number o...
Vanja Josifovski, Tore Risch
108views more  DEBU 2000»
13 years 6 months ago
Data Cleaning: Problems and Current Approaches
We classify data quality problems that are addressed by data cleaning and provide an overview of the main solution approaches. Data cleaning is especially required when integratin...
Erhard Rahm, Hong Hai Do