100views more  IJRR 2010»
12 years 11 months ago
A High-rate, Heterogeneous Data Set From The DARPA Urban Challenge
This paper describes a data set collected by MIT's autonomous vehicle Talos during the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. Data from a high precision navigation system, 5 cameras, 12 ...
Albert S. Huang, Matthew E. Antone, Edwin Olson, L...
122views Robotics» more  ICRA 2009»
13 years 1 months ago
Utilizing reflection properties of surfaces to improve mobile robot localization
Abstract-- A main difficulty that arises in the context of probabilistic localization is the design of an appropriate observation model, i.e., determining the likelihood of a senso...
Maren Bennewitz, Cyrill Stachniss, Sven Behnke, Wo...
137views more  IJRR 2010»
13 years 2 months ago
Multiclass Multimodal Detection and Tracking in Urban Environments
This paper presents a novel approach to detect and track pedestrians and cars based on the combined information retrieved from a camera and a laser range scanner. Laser data points...
Luciano Spinello, Rudolph Triebel, Roland Siegwart
94views Robotics» more  ICARCV 2006»
13 years 10 months ago
Global Localization Robust to GPS Outages using a Vertical Ladar
– This paper presents a localization strategy for vehicles in urban environments by mapping and updating natural landmarks provided by a 2D ladar (laser range scanner) when GPS d...
Maged Jabbour, Philippe Bonnifait