116views more  JCB 2002»
13 years 5 months ago
A Novel Approach to Remote Homology Detection: Jumping Alignments
We describe a new algorithm for protein classi cation and the detection of remote homologs. The rationale is to exploit both vertical and horizontal information of a multiple alig...
Rainer Spang, Marc Rehmsmeier, Jens Stoye
91views more  JUCS 2000»
13 years 6 months ago
Syntax, Parsing and Production of Natural Language in a Framework of Information Compression by Multiple Alignment, Unification
This article introduces the idea that information compression by multiple alignment, unification and search (ICMAUS) provides a framework within which natural language syntax may ...
J. Gerard Wolff
126views more  BMCBI 2004»
13 years 6 months ago
A probabilistic model for the evolution of RNA structure
Background: For the purposes of finding and aligning noncoding RNA gene- and cis-regulatory elements in multiple-genome datasets, it is useful to be able to derive multi-sequence ...
Ian Holmes
13 years 6 months ago
MSAID: multiple sequence alignment based on a measure of information discrepancy
We propose an algorithm of global multiple sequence alignment that is based on a measure of what we call information discrepancy. The algorithm follows a progressive alignment ite...
Min Zhang, Weiwu Fang, Junhua Zhang, Zhongxian Chi
122views more  BMCBI 2005»
13 years 6 months ago
Bayesian coestimation of phylogeny and sequence alignment
Background: Two central problems in computational biology are the determination of the alignment and phylogeny of a set of biological sequences. The traditional approach to this p...
Gerton Lunter, István Miklós, Alexei...
134views more  NAR 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit for protein sequence analysis
The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit is an interactive web service which offers access to a great variety of public and in-house bioinformatics tools. They are grouped into different se...
Andreas Biegert, Christian Mayer, Michael Remmert,...
119views more  NAR 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
HHsenser: exhaustive transitive profile search using HMM-HMM comparison
HHsenser is the first server to offer exhaustive intermediate profile searches, which it combines with pairwise comparison of hidden Markov models. Starting from a single protein ...
Johannes Söding, Michael Remmert, Andreas Bie...
125views more  NAR 2008»
13 years 6 months ago robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist
Phylogenetic analyses are central to many research areas in biology and typically involve the identification of homologous sequences, their multiple alignment, the phylogenetic re...
Alexis Dereeper, V. Guignon, G. Blanc, Stép...
92views more  BMCBI 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
A jumping profile Hidden Markov Model and applications to recombination sites in HIV and HCV genomes
Background: Jumping alignments have recently been proposed as a strategy to search a given multiple sequence alignment A against a database. Instead of comparing a database sequen...
Anne-Kathrin Schultz, Ming Zhang, Thomas Leitner, ...
140views more  BMCBI 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
MACSIMS : multiple alignment of complete sequences information management system
Background: In the post-genomic era, systems-level studies are being performed that seek to explain complex biological systems by integrating diverse resources from fields such as...
Julie D. Thompson, Arnaud Muller, Andrew M. Waterh...