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12 years 9 months ago
Deterministic Network Model Revisited: An Algebraic Network Coding Approach
Abstract—The capacity of multiuser networks has been a longstanding problem in information theory. Recently, Avestimehr et al. have proposed a deterministic network model to appr...
MinJi Kim, Elona Erez, Edmund M. Yeh, Muriel M&eac...
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13 years 2 months ago
Wave Propagation Mediated by GABAB Synapse and Rebound Excitation in an Inhibitory Network: A Reduced Model Approach
A reduction method is used to analyze a spatially structured network model of inhibitory neurons. This network model displays wave propagation of postinhibitory rebound activity, w...
Zhixiong Chen, Bard Ermentrout, Xiao-Jing Wang
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13 years 2 months ago
Comments on "Optimal Resource Allocation in Overlay Multicast"
In this comments paper, we revisit the network model introduced in [1]. We discuss the inaccuracy of the model and, to correct the network model, we propose to apply directed capac...
Jinyao Yan, Martin May, Bernhard Plattner
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13 years 2 months ago
Neurospaces: Towards automated model partitioning for parallel computers
Parallel computers have the computing power needed to simulate biologically accurate neuronal network models. Partitioning is the process of cutting a model in pieces and assignin...
Hugo Cornelis, Erik De Schutter
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13 years 2 months ago
Effective Routing and Scheduling in Adversarial Queueing Networks
In an adversarial queueing network, the incoming traffic is decided by an adversary, who operates under a reasonable rate restriction. This model provides a valuable, complementar...
Jay Sethuraman, Chung-Piaw Teo
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13 years 2 months ago
Asynchronous Bounded Expected Delay Networks
We propose a natural generalisation of asynchronous bounded delay (ABD) network models. The commonly used ABD models assume a known bound on message delay. This assumption is ofte...
Rena Bakhshi, Jörg Endrullis, Wan Fokkink, Ju...
13 years 4 months ago
autoMAC: A Tool for Automating Network Moves, Adds, and Changes
It is often difficult and time-consuming to manage computer `moves, adds, and changes' that take place in a switched, subnetted environment. It is even more difficult when th...
Christopher J. Tengi, James M. Roberts, Joseph R. ...
13 years 4 months ago
A supervised learning approach based on STDP and polychronization in spiking neuron networks
We propose a network model of spiking neurons, without preimposed topology and driven by STDP (Spike-Time-Dependent Plasticity), a temporal Hebbian unsupervised learning mode, biol...
Hélène Paugam-Moisy, Régis Ma...
13 years 4 months ago
On cooperative settlement between content, transit and eyeball internet service providers
Internet service providers (ISPs) depend on one another to provide global network services. However, the profit-seeking nature of the ISPs leads to selfish behaviors that result i...
Richard T. B. Ma, Dah-Ming Chiu, John C. S. Lui, V...
13 years 7 months ago
Circuit Complexity Reduction for Symbolic Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits
This paper presents a method to reduce the complexity of a linear or linearized (small-signal) analog circuit. The reduction technique, based on quality-error ranking, can be used...
Walter Daems, Georges G. E. Gielen, Willy M. C. Sa...