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12 years 10 months ago
Improving Learning Object Reuse Through OOD: A Theory of Learning Objects
The concept of a learning object (LO) has spread quickly without a very specific universal definition, and though born originally from the idea of object oriented design, with a ...
Claudine A. Allen, Ezra K. Mugisa
105views more  JOT 2002»
12 years 11 months ago
Java Distributed Separate Objects
Java supports distributed programming using threads and Remote Method Invocation (JRMI). However, a Java thread does not match well with the object concept, and JRMI cannot easily...
Miguel Katrib, Iskander Sierra, Mario del Valle, T...
140views more  LOBJET 2000»
12 years 12 months ago
Early Measures for UML Class Diagrams
:Building software models before implementing them has become widely accepted in the software industry. Object models, graphically represented by class diagrams, lay the foundation...
Marcela Genero, Mario Piattini, Coral Calero
106views more  EWC 2000»
12 years 12 months ago
Object Oriented Tools for Scientific Computing
A set of object oriented tools is presented which, when combined, yield an efficient parallel finite element program. Special emphasis is given to details within the concept of the...
Philippe R. B. Devloo
130views more  IIE 2007»
12 years 12 months ago
An Iterative Methodology for Teaching Object Oriented Concepts
Abstract thinking is a vital skill when learning computer science. Object technology and the concepts it is based upon make this skill even more crucial. However, previous research...
Irit Hadar, Ethan Hadar
126views more  JUCS 2006»
13 years 7 hour ago
Behavioral Institutions and Refinements in Generalized Hidden Logics
: We investigate behavioral institutions and refinements in the context of the object oriented paradigm. The novelty of our approach is the application of generalized abstract alge...
Manuel A. Martins
154views more  LISP 2008»
13 years 12 hour ago
Types and trace effects for object orientation
Trace effects are statically generated program abstractions, that can be model checked for verification of assertions in a temporal program logic. In this paper we develop a type a...
Christian Skalka
105views more  JTAER 2008»
13 years 15 hour ago
RFID as a Disruptive Innovation
The first part of the paper discusses Wal-Mart's adoption of RFID through the theoretical lens of the Resources, Processes, and Values (RPV) innovation theory. This part make...
Vlad Krotov, Iris A. Junglas
13 years 1 months ago
An Overview of The Mensurae Language: Specifying Business Processes
We describe a language which can be used to model business processes (both technical and nontechnical). It has a formal semantics, so as to enable formal analysis and prediction o...
T. S. E. Maibaum
13 years 1 months ago
Object Oriented Mapping for HTML Documents
Emerging distributed technologies aim to provide simple and powerful tools for web services design and implementation. Main vendors provide modern frameworks so that a good coordi...
Francesco Garelli, Carlo Ferrari