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13 years 10 days ago
Liquidsoap: a High-Level Programming Language for Multimedia Streaming
Generating multimedia streams, such as in a netradio, is a task which is complex and difficult to adapt to every users’ needs. We introduce a novel approach in order to achieve i...
David Baelde, Romain Beauxis, Samuel Mimram
13 years 3 months ago
The Orc Programming Language
Orc was originally presented as a process calculus. It has now evolved into a full programming language, which we describe in this paper. The language has the structure and feel of...
David Kitchin, Adrian Quark, William R. Cook, Jaya...
13 years 3 months ago
Operational Semantics for BDI Modules in Multi-agent Programming
This paper proposes an operational semantics for BDI modules that can be incorporated in multi-agent programming languages. The introduced concept of modules facilitates the implem...
Mehdi Dastani, Bas R. Steunebrink
13 years 3 months ago
OpenCL-based design methodology for application-specific processors
OpenCL is a programming language standard which enables the programmer to express the application by structuring its computation as kernels. The OpenCL compiler is given the explic...
Pekka O. Jaskelainen, Carlos S. de La Lama, Pablo ...
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13 years 3 months ago
Programming with narrowing: A tutorial
Narrowing is a computation implemented by some declarative programming languages. Research in the last decade has produced significant results on the theory and foundation of nar...
Sergio Antoy
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13 years 3 months ago
A Framework for Adding Design by ContractTM to the .NET Object-Oriented Programming Languages
Design contracts can be used in software development to ensure the preservation of assertions for program correctness. This can increase reliability in software design. Design by ...
Jennifer Pandolfo, Cui Zhang
13 years 4 months ago
Type Inference for Sublinear Space Functional Programming
We consider programming language aspects of algorithms that operate on data too large to fit into memory. In previous work we have introduced IntML, a functional programming langu...
Ugo Dal Lago, Ulrich Schöpp
13 years 5 months ago
Agent factory: generative migration of mobile agents in heterogeneous environments
In most of today's agent systems migration of agents requires homogeneity in the programming language and/or agent platform in which an agent has been designed. In this paper...
Frances M. T. Brazier, Benno J. Overeinder, Maarte...
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13 years 5 months ago
Polymorphic Type Inference for the Relational Algebra
A database programming language is a programming language extended with database operations. In this paper we extend a core functional language with explicitly labeled tuples and ...
Jan Van den Bussche, Emmanuel Waller
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13 years 5 months ago
Handling ELAN rewrite programs via an exchange format
Designing a programming environment raises difficult implementation problems since such software is not just one piece of code able to execute programs expressed in a given progra...
Peter Borovanský, Salma Jamoussi, Pierre-Et...