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13 years 7 months ago
Applying Stakeholder Theory to e-Government
The notion of the "stakeholders" of the firm has drawn ever-increasing attention since Freeman published his seminal book on Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach...
Hans Jochen Scholl
129views Education» more  DGO 2003»
13 years 7 months ago
Scientist, Politician, and Bureaucrat Subcultures as Barriers to Information-Sharing in Government Agencies
This paper is based on an exploratory, interdisciplinary study of issues related to information-sharing within and across three public agencies. We build on Schein’s (1996) work...
David B. Drake, Marianne J. Koch, Nicole Steckler
109views Education» more  DGO 2006»
13 years 7 months ago
Interactive design best practices for the public sector
Generally speaking, best practices in the field of interactive design are often derived from private-sector practice or purely aesthetic considerations; the specific concerns of p...
Eric Miller
13 years 7 months ago
Diffusion of e-procurement in the public sector - revisiting centralization versus decentralization debates as a twist in the ta
Several governments are in the process of implementing e-procurement. In the process they face several challenges. The diffusion of e-procurement in the Danish public sector is re...
Somasundaram Ramanathan
13 years 9 months ago
Across boundaries of influence and accountability: the multiple scales of public sector information systems
The use of ICTs in the public sector has long been touted for its potential to transform the institutions that govern and provide social services. The focus, however, has largely ...
Christopher A. Le Dantec, W. Keith Edwards
121views Biometrics» more  HICSS 2006»
14 years 12 days ago
E-Government: The Need for Effective Process Management in the Public Sector
The concept of e-government has evolved from the domain of e-business where enterprises need to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers for the effective delivery of e-...
Vishanth Weerakkody, Simon Baire, Jyoti Choudrie
14 years 14 days ago
Unlocking the Potential of Public Sector Information with Semantic Web Technology
Abstract. Governments often hold very rich data and whilst much of this information is published and available for re-use by others, it is often trapped by poor data structures, lo...
Harith Alani, David Dupplaw, John Sheridan, Kieron...
89views Biometrics» more  HICSS 2007»
14 years 21 days ago
Successful Broadband Projects in the Public Sector - a Service Innovation Perspective
The development of national broadband infrastructures has been recognized as an important part of the vision of the information society, as well as of the modernization of the pub...
Bendik Bygstad, Gjermund Lanestedt, Jyoti Choudrie
157views Biometrics» more  HICSS 2007»
14 years 21 days ago
E-Government Evaluation: Reflections On Three Organisational Case Studies
The deployment of e-Government continues at a significant cost and pace in the worldwide public sector. An important area of research is that of the evaluation of e-Government. In...
Stephen Jones, Zahir Irani, Amir M. Sharif