11 years 5 months ago
Detecting Semantic Equivalence and Information Disparity in Cross-lingual Documents
We address a core aspect of the multilingual content synchronization task: the identification of novel, more informative or semantically equivalent pieces of information in two d...
Yashar Mehdad, Matteo Negri, Marcello Federico
146views Multimedia» more  ICMCS 2009»
13 years 13 days ago
Boosting multi-modal camera selection with semantic features
In this work semantic features are used to improve the results of the camera selection. These semantic features are group action, person action and person speaking. For this purpo...
Benedikt Hörnler, Dejan Arsic, Björn Sch...
13 years 15 days ago
Improving Verb Clustering with Automatically Acquired Selectional Preferences
In previous research in automatic verb classification, syntactic features have proved the most useful features, although manual classifications rely heavily on semantic features. ...
Lin Sun, Anna Korhonen
13 years 21 days ago
SRL-Based Verb Selection for ESL
In this paper we develop an approach to tackle the problem of verb selection for learners of English as a second language (ESL) by using features from the output of Semantic Role ...
Xiaohua Liu, Bo Han, Kuan Li, Stephan Hyeonjun Sti...
13 years 2 months ago
Semiautomatic Labelling of Semantic Features
This paper presents the strategy and design of a highly efficient semiautomatic method for labelling the semantic features of common nouns, using semantic relationships between wo...
Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza Sánchez, Ai...
13 years 4 months ago
Towards Robust Unsupervised Personal Name Disambiguation
The increasing use of large open-domain document sources is exacerbating the problem of ambiguity in named entities. This paper explores the use of a range of syntactic and semant...
Ying Chen, James Martin
13 years 4 months ago
Digital Image Retrieval Using Intermediate Semantic Features and Multistep Search
Recently, semantic image retrieval has attracted large amount of interest due to the rapid growth of digital image storage. However, existing approaches have severe limitations. I...
Dengsheng Zhang, Ying Liu, Jin Hou
13 years 4 months ago
Improving Parsing and PP Attachment Performance with Sense Information
To date, parsers have made limited use of semantic information, but there is evidence to suggest that semantic features can enhance parse disambiguation. This paper shows that sem...
Eneko Agirre, Timothy Baldwin, David Martín...
13 years 6 months ago
Linguistic Relations Encoding in a Symbolic-Connectionist Hybrid Natural Language Processor
In recent years, the Natural Language Processing scene has witnessed the steady growth of interest in connectionist modeling. The main appeal of such an approach is that one does n...
João Luís Garcia Rosa, Edson Fran&cc...
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13 years 6 months ago
Using High-Level Semantic Features in Video Retrieval
Extraction and utilization of high-level semantic features are critical for more effective video retrieval. However, the performance of video retrieval hasn't benefited much d...
Wujie Zheng, Jianmin Li, Zhangzhang Si, Fuzong Lin...