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13 years 7 months ago
Quality of Service Contract Specification, Establishment, and Monitoring for Service Level Management
This paper describes a Quality of Service (QoS) management approach and architecture as well as a case study for Service Level Management (SLM). Our approach brings in a new persp...
Changzhou Wang, Haiqin Wang, Alice Chen, Rodolfo A...
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13 years 7 months ago
A novel mechanism for provisioning of high-level quality of service information in grid environments
Grids, like other heterogeneous systems, have reached the level of maturity where they are addressing the Quality of Service (QoS) provision aspect as a fundamental part of their ...
Konstantinos Tserpes, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Andrea...
14 years 1 months ago
Toward Scalable Statistical Service Selection
Selecting quality services over the Internet is tedious because it requires looking up of potential services, and yet the qualities of these services may evolve with time. Existin...
Lijun Mei, W. K. Chan, T. H. Tse