12 years 6 months ago
Pitch similarity in the vicinity of backchannels
Dynamic modeling of spoken dialogue seeks to capture how interlocutors change their speech over the course of a conversation. Much work has focused on how speakers adapt or entrai...
Mattias Heldner, Jens Edlund, Julia Hirschberg
12 years 7 months ago
Designing and evaluating a wizarded uncertainty-adaptive spoken dialogue tutoring system
We describe the design and evaluation of two different dynamic student uncertainty adaptations in wizarded versions of a spoken dialogue tutoring system. The two adaptive systems...
Katherine Forbes-Riley, Diane J. Litman
12 years 10 months ago
Construction and Experiment of a Spoken Consulting Dialogue System
This paper addresses a spoken dialogue framework that helps users make decisions. Various decision criteria are involved when we select an alternative from a given set of alternati...
Teruhisa Misu, Chiori Hori, Kiyonori Ohtake, Hidek...
12 years 11 months ago
Data-driven Classification of Linguistic Styles in Spoken Dialogues
Language users have individual linguistic styles. A spoken dialogue system may benefit from adapting to the linguistic style of a user in input analysis and output generation. To ...
Thomas Portele
13 years 1 months ago
Three Typed Pragmatics for Dialogue Structure Analysis
An experimental system for dialogue structure analysis based on a new type plan recognition model for spoken dialogues has been implemented. This model is realized by using four t...
Hitoshi Iida, Takayuki Yamaoka, Hidekazu Arita
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13 years 1 months ago
Dialogue Management for Telephone Information Systems
A distributed approach to spoken dialogue management for real-time telephone information systems is outlined.
Scott McGlashan, Norman M. Fraser, Nigel Gilbert, ...
13 years 1 months ago
A Spoken Dialogue Interface to a Geologist's Field Assistant
We will demonstrate a spoken dialogue interface to a Geologist’s Field Assistant that is being developed as part of NASA’s Mobile Agents project. The assistant consists of a r...
John Dowding, James Hieronymus
ACL Anthology
13 years 1 months ago
Meaningful Conversation with a Mobile Robot
We describe an implementation integrating a spoken dialogue system with a mobile robot, which the user can direct to specific locations, ask for information about its status, and...
Johan Bos, Ewan Klein, Tetsushi Oka
13 years 1 months ago
A Machine Learning Approach to Pronoun Resolution in Spoken Dialogue
We apply a decision tree based approach to pronoun resolution in spoken dialogue. Our system deals with pronouns with NPand non-NP-antecedents. We present a set of features design...
Michael Strube, Christoph Müller
ACL Anthology
13 years 1 months ago
Using Reinforcement Learning to Build a Better Model of Dialogue State
Given the growing complexity of tasks that spoken dialogue systems are trying to handle, Reinforcement Learning (RL) has been increasingly used as a way of automatically learning ...
Joel R. Tetreault, Diane J. Litman