246views Communications» more  TOG 2012»
11 years 7 months ago
Continuous penalty forces
We present a simple algorithm to compute continuous penalty forces to determine collision response between rigid and deformable models bounded by triangle meshes. Our algorithm co...
Min Tang, Dinesh Manocha, Miguel A. Otaduy, Ruofen...
12 years 8 months ago
Markerless reconstruction and synthesis of dynamic facial expressions
In this paper we combine methods from the field of computer vision with surface editing techniques to generate animated faces, which are all in full correspondence to each other....
Dominik Sibbing, Martin Habbecke, Leif Kobbelt
12 years 9 months ago
SQuad: Compact Representation for Triangle Meshes
The SQuad data structure represents the connectivity of a triangle mesh by its “S table” of about 2 rpt (integer references per triangle). Yet it allows for a simple implement...
Topraj Gurung, Daniel E. Laney, Peter Lindstrom, J...
130views more  TOG 2008»
13 years 5 months ago
Quadrilateral mesh simplification
We introduce a simplification algorithm for meshes composed of quadrilateral elements. It is reminiscent of edge-collapse based methods for triangle meshes, but takes a novel appr...
Joel Daniels II, Cláudio T. Silva, Jason Sh...
13 years 6 months ago
Spirale Reversi: Reverse Decoding of the Edgebreaker Encoding
We present a simple linear time algorithm for decoding Edgebreaker encoded triangle meshes in a single traversal. The Edgebreaker encoding technique, introduced in [5], encodes th...
Martin Isenburg, Jack Snoeyink
185views Visualization» more  VMV 2004»
13 years 6 months ago
Convexification of Unstructured Grids
Unstructured tetrahedral grids are a common data representation of three-dimensional scalar fields. For convex unstructured meshes efficient rendering methods are known. For conca...
Stefan Röttger, Stefan Guthe, Andreas Schiebe...
112views Algorithms» more  BILDMED 2006»
13 years 6 months ago
Extracting Consistent and Manifold Interfaces from Multi-valued Volume Data Sets
We propose an algorithm to construct a set of interfaces that separate the connected components of a multi-valued volume dataset. While each single interface is a manifold triangle...
Stephan Bischoff, Leif Kobbelt
13 years 9 months ago
Progressive Meshes
Highly detailed geometric models are rapidly becoming commonplace in computer graphics. These models, often represented as complex triangle meshes, challenge rendering performance...
Hugues Hoppe
13 years 9 months ago
ROAMing terrain: real-time optimally adapting meshes
Terrain visualization is a difficult problem for applications requiring accurate images of large datasets at high frame rates, such as flight simulation and ground-based aircraf...
Mark A. Duchaineau, Murray Wolinsky, David E. Sige...

14 years 3 months ago
Robust Topological Operations for Dynamic Explicit Surfaces
We present a solution to the mesh tangling problem in surface tracking. Using an explicit triangle mesh to track the location of a surface as it moves in three dimensions has many ...
Tyson Brochu, Robert Bridson