12 years 9 months ago
Semantic search on the Web
Web search is a key technology of the Web, since it is the primary way to access content on the Web. Current standard Web search is essentially based on a combination of textual ke...
Bettina Fazzinga, Thomas Lukasiewicz
12 years 9 months ago
FACTO: a fact lookup engine based on web tables
Recently answers for fact lookup queries have appeared on major search engines. For example, for the query {Barack Obama date of birth} Google directly shows “4 August 1961” a...
Xiaoxin Yin, Wenzhao Tan, Chao Liu
12 years 9 months ago
Search with Synonyms: Problems and Solutions
Search with synonyms is a challenging problem for Web search, as it can easily cause intent drifting. In this paper, we propose a practical solution to this issue, based on co-cli...
Xing Wei, Fuchun Peng, Huihsin Tseng, Yumao Lu, Xu...
13 years 9 days ago
An Analysis of Eye Movements during Browsing Multiple Search Results Pages
In general, most search engines display a certain number of search results on a search results page at one time, separating the entire search results into multiple search results p...
Yuko Matsuda, Hidetake Uwano, Masao Ohira, Ken-ich...
13 years 10 days ago
Discovery of Term Variation in Japanese Web Search Queries
In this paper we address the problem of identifying a broad range of term variations in Japanese web search queries, where these variations pose a particularly thorny problem due ...
Hisami Suzuki, Xiao Li, Jianfeng Gao
13 years 11 days ago
Personalized web search using context enhanced query
: This work presents personalized web search using enhancing information extracted from context. Context reflects user profile, her interests, past searching experiences etc. It is...
Michal Kajaba, Pavol Návrat
13 years 12 days ago
Learning Semantic Categories from Clickthrough Logs
As the web grows larger, knowledge acquisition from the web has gained increasing attention. In this paper, we propose using web search clickthrough logs to learn semantic categor...
Mamoru Komachi, Shimpei Makimoto, Kei Uchiumi, Man...
13 years 13 days ago
A Characterization of the Layout Definition Problem for Web Search Results
In the last years the user information seeking process on the Web has shifted from document search to object search. Hence, the answers provided by Web search engines cannot consis...
Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Sara Comai
13 years 16 days ago
Comparing Tag Clouds, Term Histograms, and Term Lists for Enhancing Personalized Web Search
Although static ranked lists remain the dominant Web search interface, they can limit the ability of Web searchers to find desired information when it is buried deep in the collect...
Orland Hoeber, Hanze Liu
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13 years 28 days ago
Annotating and Searching Web Tables Using Entities, Types and Relationships
Tables are a universal idiom to present relational data. Billions of tables on Web pages express entity references, attributes and relationships. This representation of relational...
Girija Limaye, Sunita Sarawagi, Soumen Chakrabarti