Framing Virtual Law

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Framing Virtual Law
Building on the work of games theorists and virtual world designers, this paper proposes a framework for understanding the real-virtual dichotomy in terms of a series of five frames or layers which interact simultaneously in creating the phenomena associated with virtual worlds. At the outermost edges of the model are the two poles commonly referred to as real and virtual. The interface consists of the input/output and communication mechanisms through which the virtual world participant connects to the virtual world system. This could include, among other things, a screen and keyboard, network architecture and relevant software. The system is a rulebased structure which controls and manages input and output streams in relation to activity in the virtual world. The instantiation consists of the discourse produced or permitted by the system layer. Depending on the world in question, the instantiation could take the form of simple text, or some combination of text with graphics or audio....
Peter Edelmann
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Peter Edelmann
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