Haptic Interaction with Soft Tissues Based on State-Space Approximation

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Haptic Interaction with Soft Tissues Based on State-Space Approximation
The well known property of haptic interaction is the high refresh rate of the haptic loop that is necessary for the stability of the interaction. Therefore, only simple computations can be done within the loop. On the other hand, physically-based deformation modeling requires heavy computations. Moreover, if realistic behavior is desired, the models are non-linear and iterative solution is necessary. In this paper a technique for haptic interaction with non-linear complex model is presented. Our approach is based on approximations of configuration space is described and the accuracy of the approximation is experimentally determined. Key words: haptic interaction, non-linear soft tissue modeling, interpolation 1 Motivation and Related Work Recently, utilization of medical simulations has become an important and common part of the medical education. In particular, surgical simulators are of a great interest, as their importance for high-quality surgical training as well as operation pla...
Igor Peterlík, Ludek Matyska
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Igor Peterlík, Ludek Matyska
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