Path planning using Shi and Karl level sets

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Path planning using Shi and Karl level sets
—Path planning for mobile robots is a well researched problem for over three decades. In this paper, we test and evaluate a new approach based on Shi and Karl Level Sets for mobile robot path planning. The evolution speed of these level sets is the fastest available implementation of level sets till date that prompted us to test the algorithm in the path planning domain. Level Sets have the advantage that they can support multiple robots and multiple goals in a single framework. This approach is similar to the Pixel Level Snakes but much faster and the resulting paths are different for some obstacle courses using these two approaches. To keep experiments simple we consider a holonomic point robot moving amidst stationary obstacles. The visual results presented in this paper are preliminary and tested in simulations only.
Randeep Singh, Nagaraju Bussa
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Randeep Singh, Nagaraju Bussa
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