Test generation for resistive opens in CMOS

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Test generation for resistive opens in CMOS
This paper develops new techniques for detecting both stuck-open faults and resistive open faults, which result in increased delays along some paths. The improved detection of CMOS open defects is made possible by a new delay fault model which combines the advantages of the gate delay fault model and the path delay fault model. We develop a test generation methodology for this fault model which enables generation of test vectors that test a percentage of the longest sensitizable paths in the design and also test each net for spot defects through their longest sensitizable paths. Real delay values are used to determine the true critical paths in the circuit. The high degree of effectiveness of this fault model under realistic assumptions for process characteristics is first enumerated, and experimental results demonstrate the improved coverage possible with the proposed approach. Categories and Subject Descriptors B.8.1 [Hardware]: Reliability, Testing and Fault-Tolerance Keywords del...
Arun Krishnamachary, Jacob A. Abraham
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Arun Krishnamachary, Jacob A. Abraham
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