Video/Image Modeling and Synthesis (VIMS) Lab

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Video/Image Modeling and Synthesis (VIMS) Lab
VIMS Lab is situated in Department of Computer & Information Sc, University of Delaware, Newark, DE. USA. At VIMS we work on various problems related to image/video processing and computer vision. Our current research topics include camera systems, structure and motion recovery, stereo vision, facial image analysis, medical image analysis, object recognition and scene understanding, scientific visualization.
Added 14 Sep 2009
Updated 02 Mar 2011
Director Chandra Kambhamettu
 Current Topics
  1. Stereo systems and algorithms
  2. Motion and structure recovery
  3. Object recognition, classification and scene understanding
  4. Facial image analysis
  5. Scientific visualization
  6. Medical image analysis
  7. Computational photography and camera systems
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