3D Visualization of Multiple Time Series on Maps

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 3D Visualization of Multiple Time Series on Maps
Abstract—In the analysis of spatially-referenced timedependent data, gaining an understanding of the spatiotemporal distributions and relationships among the attributes in the data can be quite difficult. We present a visualization technique that addresses some of the challenges involved in visually exploring and analyzing the distributions of geo-spatial time-varying data. We have developed a pictorial representation that is based on the standard space-time cube metaphor and provides in a single display the overview and details of a large number of time-varying quantities. Our approach involves three-dimensional graphical widgets that intuitively represent profiles of the time-varying quantities and can be plotted on a geographic map to expose interesting spatiotemporal distributions of the data.We show how combining our visualization technique with standard data exploration features can assist in the exploration of salient patterns in a data set. The visualization a...
Sidharth Thakur, Andrew J. Hanson
Added 03 Jun 2011
Updated 18 Jun 2011
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where 14th International Conference on Information Visualisation
Authors Sidharth Thakur, Andrew J. Hanson
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