Abstraction and Modelling: A Complementary Partnership

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Abstraction and Modelling: A Complementary Partnership
action and Modelling - a complementary partnership” 10h30 – 11h 00 Coffee break 11h-12h30 Session 1 “Model Transformation: Foundations” Algebraic models for bidirectional model synchronization - Zinovy Diskin An Invariant-based Method for the Analysis of Declarative Model-to-Model Transformations Jordi Cabot, Robert Claris ?, Esther Guerra, and Juan de Lara Precise Semantics of EMF Model Transformations by Graph Transformation - Enrico Biermann, Claudia Ermel, and Gabriele Taentzer Session 2 “Requirements Modeling ” A Formal Metamodel for Problem Frames Denis Hatebur, Maritta Heisel, and Holger Schmidt Visualization of use cases through automatically generated activity diagrams - Javier J. Gutié?rrez, Cleméntine Nebut, Maria J. Escalona, Manuel Mejia and Isabel Ramos Requirements Modeling and Validation via Bilayer Use Case descriptions - Avik Sinha, Matthew Kaplan, Amit Paradkar, and Clay Williams Session 3 “ Domain-Specific Modeling ” WebWorkFlow: An Object-Oriented...
Jeffrey Kramer
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Year 2009
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