An adaptation framework for new media artworks

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An adaptation framework for new media artworks
In this paper, we are interested in adaptation mechanisms for the design, creation and experimentation of adaptive and interactive new media artworks. Through a concrete case study, we propose an adaptation framework that combines semantic and physical adaptation and that can be specialized to the specific needs of various new media artists. This adaptation framework is supported by an adaptation engine, the kernel of the software architecture we are currently building. We have validated our adaptation framework through the implementation of a prototype of the adaptation engine. This prototype integrates the management of various types of metadata and allows a representation of adaptation scenarios as policies of the form event-condition-action. We present how we used our adaptation engine to reconstruct and experiment the adaptation model of The Man of the Crowd, an existing adaptive new media installation, where the artist introduces a semantic adaptation of the video content displa...
Anis Ouali, Brigitte Kerhervé, Paul Landon
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where MM
Authors Anis Ouali, Brigitte Kerhervé, Paul Landon
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