An adaptive spectral least-squares scheme for the Burgers equation

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An adaptive spectral least-squares scheme for the Burgers equation
A least-squares spectral collocation method for the one-dimensional inviscid Burgers equation is proposed. This model problem shows the stability and high accuracy of these schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic scalar equations. Here we make use of a least-squares spectral approach which was already used in an earlier paper for discontinuous and singular perturbation problems [10] . The domain is decomposed in subintervals where continuity is enforced at the interfaces. Equal order polynomials are used on all subdomains. For the spectral collocation scheme Chebyshev polynomials are employed which allow the efficient implementation with Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs). The collocation conditions and the interface conditions lead to an overdetermined system which can be efficiently solved by least-squares. The solution technique will only involve symmetric positive definite linear systems. The scheme exhibits exponential convergence where the exact solution is smooth. In parts of the domain ...
Wilhelm Heinrichs
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Year 2007
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Authors Wilhelm Heinrichs
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