Advances in information and knowledge management

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Advances in information and knowledge management
Several research areas today overlap between the tracks of databases, information retrieval and knowledge management, such as natural language processing, semantic web, digital libraries, visualization, information quality and data mining. Inter-disciplinary research across these tracks encourages advances in the development of databases, the extraction of information and the discovery of knowledge. This is precisely the focus of our article. We explain the research issues addressed in a Ph.D. workshop recently held at the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. This workshop had presentations on novel ideas addressing challenges in information and knowledge management. It covered a broad range of topics such as XML architectures, sensor data streams, personal information managers and text pre-processing. In this article, we provide an overview of the research problems and solutions discussed in the Ph.D. workshop. Our article thus describes the latest technological de...
Aparna S. Varde, Jian Pei
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Aparna S. Varde, Jian Pei
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