Agile Methods for Embedded Systems

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Agile Methods for Embedded Systems
The main goal to be answered by this Ph.D. thesis is whether there is a potential for a successful and powerful application of agile methods and related techniques to embedded systems development or not (cf. [2]). Regarding the special context of embedded system, there are some aspects to be mentioned as stated in [3]. These include the function oriented development which lead to early testing of the system, the use of target-processor simulation and the problem of hardware software codesign. The first problem being addressed is the evaluation of well known subtechniques like refactoring, TDD, fast development cycles, short design horizon, or similar methods in the context of embedded systems. A complementary approach consists of the elaboration of underlying root causes which make agile methods appear as a sound alternative to classic techniques. For example assumptions like source code degrading over time, non-costumer oriented development, overly complex systems, and wrong developm...
Dirk Wilking
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Dirk Wilking
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