Approximate common divisors via lattices

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Approximate common divisors via lattices
We analyze the multivariate generalization of Howgrave-Graham’s algorithm for the approximate common divisor problem. In the m-variable case with modulus N and approximate common divisor of size Nβ, this improves the size of the error tolerated from Nβ2 to Nβ(m+1)/m , under a commonly used heuristic assumption. This gives a more detailed analysis of the hardness assumption underlying the recent fully homomorphic cryptosystem of van Dijk, Gentry, Halevi, and Vaikuntanathan. While these results do not challenge the suggested parameters, a 2 √ n approximation algorithm for lattice basis reduction in n dimensions could be used to break these parameters. We have implemented our algorithm, and it performs better in practice than the theoretical analysis suggests. Our results fit into a broader context of analogies between cryptanalysis and coding theory. The multivariate approximate common divisor problem is the number-theoretic analogue of noisy multivariate polynomial interpolation...
Henry Cohn, Nadia Heninger
Added 23 Dec 2011
Updated 23 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
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Authors Henry Cohn, Nadia Heninger
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