Approximate Integer Common Divisors

13 years 11 months ago
Approximate Integer Common Divisors
We show that recent results of Coppersmith, Boneh, Durfee and Howgrave-Graham actually apply in the more general setting of (partially) approximate common divisors. This leads us to consider the question of “fully” approximate common divisors, i.e. where both integers are only known by approximations. We explain the lattice techniques in both the partial and general cases. As an application of the partial approximate common divisor algorithm we show that a cryptosystem proposed by Okamoto actually leaks the private information directly from the public information in polynomial time. In contrast to the partial setting, our technique with respect to the general setting can only be considered heuristic, since we encounter the same “proof of algebraic independence” problem as a subset of the above authors have in previous papers. This problem is generally considered a (hard) problem in lattice theory, since in our case, as in previous cases, the method still works extremely reliabl...
Nick Howgrave-Graham
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Type Conference
Year 2001
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Authors Nick Howgrave-Graham
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