The Arrow of Time through the Lens of Computing

13 years 4 months ago
The Arrow of Time through the Lens of Computing
Egon Börger Ambient Abstract State Machines with Applications 11:00 AM Manfred Broy Realizability of System Interface Specifications 11:30 AM Ofer Strichman Proving Equivalence between Similar Programs: a Progress Report 12:00 PM Giora Slutzki Inverting Proof Systems for Secrecy under OWA 12:30 PM Lunch 02:00 PM Robert Kurshan Verification-Guided Hierarchical Design 02:30 PM Werner Damm Towards Component Based Design of Hybrid Systems 03:00 PM Ken McMillan Invisible Invariants: Underapproximating to Overapproximate 03:30 PM Break 04:00 PM Allen Emerson Time for Time 04:30 PM Leslie Lamport Temporal Logic: The Lesser of Three Evils 05:00 PM Stephan Merz A Mechanized Proof System for TLA+ Specifications May 09 08:30 AM Moshe Vardi From Löwenheim to Pnueli, from Pnueli to PSL and SVA 09:00 AM Tom Henzinger Quantitative Modeling and Verification Patrick Cousot A Scalable Segmented Decision Tree Abstract Domain 10:00 AM Break 10:30 AM Oded Maler Properties and Verification in the Continuo...
Krishna V. Palem
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Year 2010
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