Broadcasting and routing in faulty mesh networks

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Broadcasting and routing in faulty mesh networks
— Broadcasting is a data communication task in which one processor sends the same message to all other processors. Routing is a task where a source processor sends a message to a destination processor. A faulty node is in an error state and cannot participate in the activities or the communication in a given network. In this paper, we consider the family of mesh networks, which include the mesh connected computer (MCC), k-dimensional mesh, torus, and k-ary n-cube. Our goal is to design routing and broadcasting algorithms which will use local knowledge of faults, no additional resources, will work for an arbitrary number and structure of faults, will guarantee delivery to all nodes connected to the source, and will remain optimal in a fault free mesh. We did not find any solution in literature to satisfy these desirable properties. Our routing and broadcasting schemes for MCCs and tori, and our broadcasting algorithm for the all-port model on any faulty mesh network satisfy all of the...
Milos Stojmenovic, Amiya Nayak
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Type Conference
Year 2006
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Authors Milos Stojmenovic, Amiya Nayak
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