Can I Add a Secure VoIP Call?

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Can I Add a Secure VoIP Call?
— Voice over IP is a major trend in applications for wireless networks, but even so it is not immune to the risks usually related with IP networks. Proposed solutions for VoIP security are already in the market, but these solutions must take into account the real-time constraint of voice service and their mechanisms should address possible attacks and overhead associated with it. One of these solutions is to use IETF IPSec to guarantee confidentiality in order to address security design holes of wireless VoIP networks. This article performs an experimental comparison of the impact of encryption mechanisms on voice speech quality in widely deployed wireless technologies: 802.11 and Bluetooth. Evaluates the upper bound on number of simultaneous VoIP calls which can be placed in a single cell of both networks when security is applied and uses the computational model E-Model to assess quantitatively the quality of service.
Arlen Nascimento, Alexandre Passito, Edjair de Sou
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Arlen Nascimento, Alexandre Passito, Edjair de Souza Mota, Edson Nascimento Silva Jr., Leandro S. G. de Carvalho
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