Case-Based Reasoning to Explain Medical Model Exceptions

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Case-Based Reasoning to Explain Medical Model Exceptions
In medicine many exceptions occur. In medical practise and in knowledge-based systems too, it is necessary to consider them and to deal with them appropriately. In medical studies and in research exceptions shall be explained. We present a system that helps to explain cases that do not fit into a theoretical hypothesis. Our starting points are situations where neither a welldeveloped theory nor reliable knowledge nor a proper case base is available. So, instead of reliable theoretical knowledge and intelligent experience, we have just some theoretical hypothesis and a set of measurements. In this paper, we propose to combine CBR with a statistical model. We use CBR to explain those cases that do not fit the model. The case base has to be set up incrementally, it contains the exceptional cases, and their explanations are the solutions, which can be used to help to explain further exceptional cases
Rainer Schmidt, Olga Vorobieva
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MIE
Authors Rainer Schmidt, Olga Vorobieva
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