Communicating everyday experiences

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Communicating everyday experiences
In this paper, we present our approach to the problem of communicating everyday experiences. This is a challenging problem, since media from everyday events are unstructured, and often poorly annotated. We first attempt to communicate everyday experiences using a dramatic framework, by categorizing media and by introducing causal relations. Based on our experience of the dramatic framework for the everyday media, we introduce an event based framework as well as a viewpoint centric visualization that allows the viewer to have agency, in a highly interactive, non-linear manner. Our approach focuses on structured interaction for consumption of everyday experiences, in contrast to non-interactive consumption of structured communication. Our results indicate that dramatic structures do not work well with everyday media, and novel interactions / visualizations are needed. Experimental results indicate that the viewpoint centric visualization works well. We are in the process of creating a l...
Preetha Appan, Hari Sundaram, David Birchfield
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MM
Authors Preetha Appan, Hari Sundaram, David Birchfield
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