Computational geometry for sculpture

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Computational geometry for sculpture
This presentation illustrates examples of my geometric sculpture and outlines certain design techniques. I apply methods from the field of computational geometry to the creation of forms which are aesthetic objects. I am a full-time sculptor creating works that manifest what I call the geometric aesthetic. This aesthetic celebrates the beauty of geometry and spatial rationality. I seek to produce novel forms which engage the viewer visually and have an underlying coherence based on symmetric three-dimensional mathematical structures. Internal relationships between the components of a sculpture can provide a depth to the work, leading the viewer to return again and again, each time seeing deeper into the piece. In addition, the viewer is led to ask questions of a mathematical nature about the patterns he or she finds. In the design of such sculpture, there are many issues of calculation to be addressed. I work constructively, assembling parts that are ommon household objects or careful...
George W. Hart
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Year 2001
Authors George W. Hart
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