Computer managed, open question, open book assessment

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Computer managed, open question, open book assessment
This paper describes the development and use of practical examinations which include a significant element of software control of the administrative process. The educational methodology is novel in that the assessment is ‘open question’. This means that students are given a set of practical exercises some weeks in advance of the date of the examination. The examination is also ‘open book’ so that students can consult various sources of information to help them complete the task. However the ‘open book’ element is restricted to prevent students accessing pre-prepared solutions. The computer system manages several elements of the assessment process. 1 Summative and formative assessment Assessment of students can be classified, in broad terms, as formative or summative. The main aim of formative assessment is to help students to learn something. The main aim of summative assessment is to ckrwfi the students in some way. An analogy in terms of sofiware development is that form...
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