Curved Glide-Reflection Symmetry Detection

14 years 11 months ago
Curved Glide-Reflection Symmetry Detection
We generalize reflection symmetry detection to a curved glide-reflection symmetry detection problem. We propose a unifying, local feature-based approach for curved glidereflection symmetry detection from real, unsegmented images, where the classic reflection symmetry becomes one of four special cases. Our method detects and groups statistically dominant local reflection axes in a 3D parameter space. A curved glide-reflection symmetry axis is estimated by a set of contiguous local straight reflection axes. Experimental results of the proposed algorithm on 40 real world images demonstrate promising performance.
Seungkyu Lee, Yanxi Liu
Added 15 May 2009
Updated 30 Dec 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CVPR
Authors Seungkyu Lee, Yanxi Liu
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