Direct Volume Rendering with Shading via Three-Dimensional Textures

13 years 10 months ago
Direct Volume Rendering with Shading via Three-Dimensional Textures
A new and easy-to-implement method for direct volume rendering that uses 3D texture maps for acceleration, and incorporates directional lighting, is described. The implementation, called Voltx, produces high-quality images at nearly interactive speeds on workstations with hardware support for three-dimensional texture maps. Previously reported methods did not incorporate a light model, and did not address issues of multiple texture maps for large volumes. Our research shows that these extensions impact performance by about a factor of ten. Voltx supports orthographic, perspective, and stereo views. This paper describes the theory and implementation of this technique, and compares it to the shear-warp factorization approach. A rectilinear data set is converted into a three-dimensional texture map containing color and opacity information. Quantized normal vectors and a lookup table provide efficiency. A new tesselation of the sphere is described, which serves as the basis for normal-vec...
Allen Van Gelder, Kwansik Kim
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Where VVS
Authors Allen Van Gelder, Kwansik Kim
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