Distributed cooperative caching

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Distributed cooperative caching
This paper presents the Distributed Cooperative Caching, a scalable and energy-efficient scheme to manage chip multiprocessor (CMP) cache resources. The proposed configuration is based in the Cooperative Caching framework [3] but it is intended for large scale CMPs. Both centralized and distributed configurations have the advantage of combining the benefits of private and shared caches. In our proposal, the Coherence Engine has been redesigned to allow its partitioning and thus, eliminate the size constraints imposed by the duplication of all tags. At the same time, a global replacement mechanism has been added to improve the usage of cache space. Our framework uses several Distributed Coherence Engines spread across all the nodes to improve scalability. The distribution permits a better balance of the network traffic over the entire chip avoiding bottlenecks and increasing performance for a 32-core CMP by 21% over a traditional shared memory configuration and by 57% over the Coop...
Enric Herrero, José González, Ramon
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Enric Herrero, José González, Ramon Canal
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