An Effective and Robust Method for Short Text Classification

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An Effective and Robust Method for Short Text Classification
Classification of texts potentially containing a complex and specific terminology requires the use of learning methods that do not rely on extensive feature engineering. In this work we use prediction by partial matching (PPM), a method that compresses texts to capture text features and creates a language model adapted to a particular text. We show that the method achieves a high accuracy of text classification and can be used as an alternative to state-of-art learning algorithms. Motivation We focus on classification of texts with a high concentration of a specific terminology and complex grammatical structures. Those characteristics inevitably complicate standard feature engineering, which is done by language pre-processing ( e.g., lemmatization, parsing) that is further complicated when the texts are short. Our goal is to avoid complex and, perhaps, error-prone feature construction by using a learning method that can perform reasonably well without preliminary feature engineering. ...
Victoria Bobicev, Marina Sokolova
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where AAAI
Authors Victoria Bobicev, Marina Sokolova
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