On Efficient Part-match Querying of XML Data

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On Efficient Part-match Querying of XML Data
The XML language have been becoming de-facto a standard for representation of heterogeneous data in the Internet. From database point of view, XML is a new approach to data modelling. Implementation of a system enabling us to store and query XML documents efficiently (so called native XML databases) require a development of new techniques. The most of XML query languages are based on the language XPath and use a form of path expressions for composing more general queries. These languages make it possible a part-match querying string values of elements and attributes. Particularly, such queries are common for document-centric XML documents. The document-centric documents are often widely unstructured, contain the mixed content and so on. In particular, such documents are (after a transformation to well-formed XML documents) entire information of broad Web. Previously published multi-dimensional approaches to indexing XML data use paged and balanced multi-dimensional data structures. In ...
Michal Krátký, Marek Andrt
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Michal Krátký, Marek Andrt
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