Embedding SCI into PVM

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Embedding SCI into PVM
The extremely low latencies and high bandwidth results achievable with the Scalable Coherent Interface SCI at lowest level encourages its integration into existing Message Passing Environments MPE's. In combination with Network of Workstations, it can be seen as an alternative for traditional parallel computing with tightly coupled processors with comparable performance at low cost. This paper describes the implementation of PVM using SCI hardware devices and with Linux and WindowsNT as the operating systems. It gives an overview of SCI and the possibilities for PVM to make use of the superior features of SCI compared with the conventional Ethernet. First benchmark results are presented showing the potential performance of this new technology. 1 Parallel Computing over heterogeneous Networks An ongoing trend is to build up network of workstations as an alternative for parallel computing. In this case each node of the parallel computer is an o the-shelf personal computer or ser...
Markus Fischer, Jens Simon
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where PVM
Authors Markus Fischer, Jens Simon
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