eModeration: Towards a User Experience Evaluation Framework

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eModeration: Towards a User Experience Evaluation Framework
eModeration (or online moderation) can improve the user experience of the examination process while lowering the risk of losing scripts or delaying the moderation process. Despite these benefits to optimising examination procedures, the application of online moderation is limited. There could be various reasons for the lack of adopting eModeration including the technical, organisational and human factors. The focus of this study is on the human factors involved in eModeration and the research is guided by the following question: What are the most important user experience constructs for evaluating an electronic moderation (eModeration) system within the context of Higher Education Institutions in South Africa? This research uses a design science methodology, which comprises the development and testing of a user experience framework. In this paper, we will only report on the identification of the constructs for the user experience framework. The data generation methods will include int...
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