Estimation of boundary properties using stochastic differential equations

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Estimation of boundary properties using stochastic differential equations
The inverse diffusion problems deal with the estimation of many crucial parameters such as the diffusion coefficient, source properties, and boundary conditions. Such algorithms are widely applied in many design problems in different physical [1–4], chemical [5–11], and biological fields [12]. Recently, the estimation of the boundary properties, of the diffusion process, have attracted researchers[1, 2]. However, due to the complexity of the problem, the work accomplished in not yet satisfactory. On the other hand, most of the analytical and numerical methods proposed for such problems have only been used to deal with one- or at most two-dimensional problems with simple and symmetric geometries. Limited work has been achieved on threedimensional problems, at which simplified problems are solved. Moreover, the major purpose was to estimate the properties of a pre-determined boundary position. Nevertheless, they only account for the classical nature of the diffusion, neglecting i...
Ashraf Atalla, Aleksandar Jeremic
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Year 2009
Authors Ashraf Atalla, Aleksandar Jeremic
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