Eurecom IPv6 Soft Handover

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Eurecom IPv6 Soft Handover
The growing demand for high-speed wireless access to the Internet is the driving force behind the current trends to design All-IP wireless networks, whose Access Router and mobile stations use Internet Protocol for signaling and /or data transport. That will allow an ubiquitous IPbased access by mobile users, with special emphasis on the ability to use a wide variety of wireless and wired access technologies to access the common information infrastructure. The design of an AllIP wireless network requires an efficient and flexible handover management, independent of layer 2 protocol, which allows efficient mobile stations roaming between Access Routers. In this paper we propose new IPv6-based Soft-handover approach, which guarantee an efficient and flexible mobile handover between heterogeneous wireless networks. Keywords. MobileIP, Handover, Wireless IP, Soft Handoff 1 Purpose and Scope One of the most important metrics in IP-mobility protocols design is the IP handover performance. IP...
Farouk Belghoul, Yan Moret, Christian Bonnet
Added 31 Oct 2010
Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ICWN
Authors Farouk Belghoul, Yan Moret, Christian Bonnet
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