Event-Driven, Personalizable, Mobile Interactive Spaces

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Event-Driven, Personalizable, Mobile Interactive Spaces
Abstract An infrastructure is currently being deployed for delivering multimedia services using IP endto-end. Mobile devices and application resources, because of their computing capabilities, can be enabled with adaptive functionality to shape the services according to the communication conditions and the user's context. This raises the question of how events should be managed to create a common awareness of multimedia content and resources in mobile networks. These events can be generated either by the user's behavior, movement, availability of (new) mobile resources, or the application server content changes. In this paper, we propose using XML-based protocols and agents operating on a distributed tuple-space to enable common awareness of these events in applications for mobile users, without the necessity of these events being defined or announced in advance. This facilitates the creation of a new class of personalizable applications in interactive mobile spaces, as demon...
Theo Kanter
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where HUC
Authors Theo Kanter
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