An expressive aspect language for system applications with Arachne

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An expressive aspect language for system applications with Arachne
C applications, in particular those using operating system level services, frequently comprise multiple crosscutting concerns: network protocols and security are typical examples of such concerns. While these concerns can partially be addressed during design and implementation of an application, they frequently become an issue at runtime, e.g., to avoid server downtime. A deployed network protocol might not be efficient enough and may thus need to be replaced. Buffer overflows might be discovered that imply critical breaches in the security model of an application. A prefetching strategy may be required to enhance performance. While aspect-oriented programming seems attractive in this context, none of the current aspect systems is expressive and efficient enough to address such concerns. This paper presents a new aspect system to provide a solution to this problem. While efficiency considerations have played an important part in the design of the aspect language, the language allows...
Rémi Douence, Thomas Fritz, Nicolas Loriant
Added 26 Jun 2010
Updated 26 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AOSD
Authors Rémi Douence, Thomas Fritz, Nicolas Loriant, Jean-Marc Menaud, Marc Ségura-Devillechaise, Mario Südholt
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